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More about Dr. Robin Johnson

Dr. Robin Johnson has been a practicing General Dentist for 35 years in North and South Carolina after growing up in Charleston, West Virginia and receiving his B.S. in Biology and Doctor of Dental Science at West Virginia University. His love of geography, the natural world and the outdoors as well as enthusiasm for learning about history and science—particularly paleontology– has led him to research these interrelated topics and share his findings with others.



America has produced more freedom, wealth, innovation, and human opportunity than any nation in history, yet its founding Christian principles are under siege on every front. In Robin Johnson’s words, “America isn’t great because God made it more special, Americans [at least in the past] made God more special.” Dr. Johnson’s profoundly insightful book for our turbulent times does not just diagnose the disease–spreading through the soul of our country–but provides solutions. The 21st Century Handbook should be required reading for every citizen in America as it applies historical and biblical perspectives to our nation’s rapidly accelerating immorality and mind boggling social/intellectual confusion.


retired Research Leader for Dow Chemical and founder of Search for the Truth Ministries

This compelling 21st Century Handbook on our Culture War is a must read if you are one of the many that feel Creation, the Great Flood of Noah, and the biblical description in Genesis is just a nice story, but evolution with millions of years is how we got here. The science, history, and details Dr. Johnson presents will change your mind, and show the biblical narrative of Genesis is not only real history, but is logical, and the only legitimate option on our origin.


Wildlife Biology (retd), West Virginia University; book author, magazine and newspaper columnist

“Dr. Johnson’s use of historical anecdotes, scholarly facts of evidence and pure reason correctly call into question our culture’s fractured mores, which as he rightly concludes are built on sinking sand. These broken faculties of our society can only be repaired by returning to the values of Truth, a strong work ethic, and the underlying principles of capitalistic free enterprise.”


Senior Pastor/Teacher, Siler Presbyterian Church, Matthews, NC

Welcome to the battlefield where each man is on the front line and their “manhood” is being tested daily. Are you worthy? Can you handle the attack? Will you prevail as an honorable man? Dr. Robin Johnson’s 21st Century Handbook will take you on a journey to discover true manhood, the culture wars we are trapped in, and our universal need to consider pursuit of a more honorable life. Topics are broad-based, challenging, and sometimes difficult to accept—I am still working on several. It is through this struggle that we can all become more honorable—to all of mankind and to our Lord.


Technology Sales Executive, church elder, father of daughters who deserve good men

The 21st Century Handbook is an in depth look at history, philosophy, science, and social issues that affect and shape our society and worldview. It is a well-researched and insightful book that calls for deep concentration and contemplation. If you’re looking for a project that will challenge you mentally and spiritually, you’ll find it here.


Founder and Director of the Jirgal Leadership Institute; D.Min., M.Div., M.A. Health Ed., M.A. Sports Medicine

Enjoy a veritable cornucopia of philosophy, history, real science, and religion creating a road map through our Culture War for life success, with Jesus and Christianity taking the lead in the center lane.


M.S. Orthodontics, Sellers Orthodontics of Charlotte, NC

 I have enjoyed your book immensely. It is the best compilation tying in multiple and diverse, but important, related topics – about our history, science, and ‘culture war’ – in one document. I am totally captivated by the non-fiction story you are telling. It is the best I’ve seen since William F. Buckley on Firing Line. 


Longtime HVAC Contractor, former military

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