American culture is discombobulated and some say in a ‘cold’ civil war.  We are in a mess. It is as if our very American ethos is under attack the last few years. Much of it didn’t just happen or come out of nowhere.  It was planned through ‘identity politics,’ racial division tactics, white supremacy claims, Operation Mockingbird, academic revisionist history teaching and more, as well as assistance by their water carriers in the mainstream and big tech medias. Many players-known and unknown-are involved.  Unjustified ‘tolerance’ for anything and everything along with a stifling blanket of political correctness has greatly contributed to this cultural angst and disruption.  British historian Paul Johnson predicted a few years ago that political correctness may well destroy the United States.  Politically- correct thought and speech is absolute anathema to real freedom and liberty.

Silicon Valley and Big Tech- including Facebook, Google and YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, and Apple- are all left-leaning entities that support and contribute to this unfortunate trend and are among the most powerful companies in the world.  Amazon, Google, and Facebook are more powerful than most COUNTRIES in the world.  The late 20th century was the ‘Information Age’; we are now in the middle of the regrettable ‘Misinformation Age.’ We have got to a point where we have a centralization of information; that translates to a centralization of POWER.  The infrastructure for total information control is already in place in Communist China (and Google has been trying hard to get involved).  Several of these aforementioned and powerful purveyors of information used to surreptitiously censor, de-platform, and de-monetize users-especially conservatives, Christians, and Republicans- through algorithmic manipulation as they attempt to mold you to their worldview (they want to control how you think).  Now they do it boldly and uncamouflaged.  Big Tech oligarchs rule.

How about the wearisome push and promotion for the dangerous 5-G towers and network?  It is potentially very dangerous (especially to children) based on the now undeniable powerful excessive electromagnetic radiation exposure.  This massive 5-G advertising campaign thrust upon us the last two years is all about the need for speed . . . for the spy grid, including monitoring the tiny microchip (technetium) in the long, irritating, Covid 19 pseudo-vaccine  testing swab inserted thru your nose and beyond (that filters up through your porous cribriform plate on the underside of your skull).  This includes other ‘chips’ as well, like the one(s) the secular German people amazingly approved to be inserted into their bodies in a vote back in Mar. 2021.  If Nazi want-to-be Klaus Shwab and the WEF along with Bill Gates and his micro-chipping patents have their way, of course, everyone in the world will eventually be micro-chipped (or ‘marked’).  It is going to take one heck of a powerful new electromagnetic grid to monitor all these people (eventually even 6-G), not to mention the possible nefarious use of 5-G to ‘activate’ the vibrational frequency or resonance in the sinister ‘smartdust’ or graphene oxide (that’s where the magnetism comes from) from the Covid SARS 2 ‘vaccines’, which can cause ‘brain fog’ and affect your thinking.  These are not, and do not qualify as, vaccines at all.  They are genetic instruments, with a questionable mRNA additive.  This control grid is what Google was interested in with China.  I point out in my new book, The 21st Century Handbook: Cultural Chaos, Real Men, DNA and Dragons, how Google executives made far more trips to the Obama White House in Obama’s first term than anybody, and openly bragged about being ‘the X-factor’ (or MVP) in tipping the 2012 presidential election in Barack Obama’s favor.  It’s all about sneaky algorithmic manipulation, folks.  Google is not neutral, or objective.  Be encouraged, though; new networks and social media platforms are on the way.

Could all of this and other areas of historic criminality-like the heinous worldwide child trafficking/adrenochrome network and the unprecedented cyber-attack in the Nov. 3rd American election be related?  It is becoming more and more apparent that we are in WWIII, a digital and information war, and just experienced a digital Pearl Harbor-literally a near death experience from enemies domestic and foreign (including bad operatives from Germany, Great Britain, Communist China, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, and Canada).

Patriots need to share information and truth from alternative online news sources with the folks across the fruited plain and help them wake up. The mainstream and Big Tech medias can no longer be trusted. The people have the real power if they just stand for right, get involved, and proclaim enough is enough!.  Keep the faith. Things are about to change for the better.  But we are at war-even though the sheeple don’t know it yet-and there are always casualties, even if things don’t go kinetic.  America is at a tipping point.

Written by : Dr. Robin Johnson

Dr. Robin Johnson’s love of geography, the natural world and the outdoors as well as enthusiasm for learning about history and science—particularly paleontology— has led him to research these interrelated topics and share his findings with others. Read my complete bio.