The Chinese virus was released on purpose-a now documented, long-premeditated plan-with the guidance, help, and support (directly and/or indirectly) of global, secular big-money elites and financiers, as well as some Americans in the public health community and academia, like our own well-known Dr. Anthony Fauci.  In 2014, Dr. Fauci took $3.7 million out of his NIH budget (American taxpayer money) and allocated it to the Wuhan virology lab in China to specifically finance ‘chimeric’ research on the Corona virus which was  against the law (outlawed in late 1980s under President Ronald Reagan). The word ‘chimeric’ means monster-like. Chimeric research on pathogens and microbes is making them more dangerous, more virulent, more lethal . . . moremonster-like.’  Why would he do that?! (Why would anybody do that?) In other words, the now infamous Dr. Fauci–on his own initiative and against federal law–gave big money to the most famous but unsafe virology lab in communist China to help make a virus more dangerous, in a country recognized as an evil enemy of the United States.  An example of a like-minded big-money elite is Bill Gates, who has well-known connections with the Wuhan lab, and a long-time interest in the widespread use of vaccines, genetic modified crops, as well as population control.  This was a philosophy (or worldview) passed on to him in large part from his atheistic father, who was President of Planned Parenthood (following in the footsteps of Margaret Sanger), an organization dedicated to the extermination of the ‘inferior races’, the poor, and the physically and mentally compromised (see the excellent book, The Killer Angel, by Dr. George Grant). They considered such humans as merely “human eaters” or “human weeds,” and not fit to breed and reproduce, and an obnoxious barrier to their effort to “speed up” human evolution (see, The 21st Century Handbook: Cultural Chaos, Real Men, DNA, and Dragons; Part III, Chapters 29-30, by Robin D. Johnson).  [*Note: Human evolution is unsupported by the scientific evidence, including the genetic and fossil (paleontological) findings.  As one of the most well-known spokespersons in the world for evolution (Harvard’s Stephen J. Gould) stated years ago: “We’re not just evolving slowly. For all practical purposes we’re not evolving. There is no reason to think we’re going to get bigger brains or smaller toes or whatever—we are what we are.”  Well-respected anthropologist Dr. Lyell Watson honestly admitted this years ago: “Modern apes seem to have sprung out of nowhere. They have no yesterday, no fossil record. And the true origin of modern humans—of upright, naked, tool making, big-brained beings—is, if we are to be honest with ourselves, an equally mysterious matter.”

But it all goes back further than 2014.  Highly respected medical truth detector Dr. David Martin reported on bioweapons violations in the early 2000s, and recently demonstrated that the weaponization of the Coronavirus was actually complete-including the nefarious ‘spike’ protein-by 2002!  Humanity and the medical community did not have SARS as a human condition until then . . . when they (Dr. A. Fauci was involved) had surreptitiously worked to develop a weaponized version of the Coronavirus. *Note: Big Pharma criminal Pfizer-one of our Covid-19 ‘pseudo-vaccine’ makers-first attempted to procure a “spike’ protein-based patent for Coronavirus in 1990 (not 2020)! What a wonderful company (!?)…Pfizer…the data of the fine watchdog group Public Citizen rates them the second most egregious offender of pharmaceutical criminality from 1991 to 2017 (second only to GlaxoSmithKline), with total financial penalties of $4,728 MILLIONS (34 settlements in that period)!  Why would a sharp person with discernment take ANY DRUG from such a chronic corporate criminal?  Please understand… and do your own research; we’re talking about a pathogens bio-weapons program over two decades in the making.

Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin are two cheap, highly effective, and safe remedies/drugs for treating the Chinese virus, and even as great preventatives, but they are suppressed and lambasted by the strident left-leaning media, Big Tech, and the Democrat Party because their use does not fit in with the actual leftist, ‘reset’, socialist, population-control, one-world government agenda.  We could be saving people for $5-$10 a week, and possibly with other lysosomotrophic agents which can kill viruses.  Most experienced good doctors know about the safety and efficacy of these two drugs (they’ve been around for a long time), and they are certified oral vaccines. There is also the very effective use of IV vitamin C treatment for a Covid-19 infection (and many other ailments), along with the extreme importance of adequate high levels of Vitamin D for immune system strength. Amazingly, some doctors and researchers now feel that as many as 90% of COVID deaths are attributed to Vitamin D deficiency.  Obesity, which is regrettably rampant in America, contributes to Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is a ‘fat-soluble’ vitamin.  Adipose cells-more commonly called fat cells-take up and store Vitamin D, so it’s more difficult for the body to access and utilize.  Obesity was present in 80% of COVID deaths in the U.S. in 2020.  But it is now coming out that the Covid death numbers are grossly inflated, with some researchers and truth-seekers admitting and demonstrating that as many as 90% of COVID deaths were not caused by the virus; they died from other morbidities and injuries.  Our leftist mainstream and Big Tech medias are not reporting this; you’ll have to search out various good and objective, uncensored online news sources.  Remember, doctors and hospitals got paid a fee for listing COVID as the cause of death.  Fraud and deception are everywhere, and this ‘plandemic’ is serious but not deadly, with a 99.9% survival rate. We have never developed a vaccine for anything with a 99.9% survival rate (with the possible exception of the recent, ridiculous and unnecessary chicken pox vaccine, which has caused a ‘shingles’ epidemic). The hospitals, the mainstream media, the advertising industry, the Big Tech media, Big Pharma, and the deep state are all in on it.  Back to treatments for flu-like illnesses and Covid-19, there are also promising results now using the amino acid lysine from virologist Drs. C. Kagan, B. Harticki, and A. Chaihorsky and others (see online at  Finally, there are the very positive (and safe and inexpensive) results of numerous homeopathic doctors with the use of effective remedies like Camphora, Arsenicum Album, Kali Carbonicum, and Ferrum Phosphoricum.

The Important Part


We have a $69-$70 billion vaccine business.  The National Vaccine Compensation Program was created some thirty or more years ago because the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the vaccines revolted and threatened to STOP making any vaccines because they were getting sued so much from vaccine injuries.  The intimidated, noodle-backboned politicians inside the Beltway swamp passed a bill intentionally in an end-of-the-week, late Friday night session (knowing, therefore, that it wouldn’t be covered much by the media), as they caved and exempted the moral compass-compromised
Big Pharma companies from future justified lawsuits. Thus, the creation of the aforementioned NVCP.  The rushed, highly touted, sensationalized but unproven Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ is potentially very dangerous, and is not a vaccine at all.  By definition, a vaccine is a molecule injected or transmitted into your body that generates the formation of an effective antibody, enhancing your immune system, while also preventing the transmission of disease (and even getting the disease).  As of summer, 2021 here in the US, the limited data point to well over 10,000 fully vaccinated people having contracted Covid-19.  These defining characteristics of a legitimate vaccine do not occur or happen with the Covid-19 vaccine, in large part because of the never-before-inserted, in-any-other vaccine, mRNA and ‘spike’ protein components. All genetics, biochemistry, dental and medical students learn about and study DNA, RNA, and the all-important protein and enzyme synthesis that is associated with them (the foundation of life). Please bear with me here.  Everyone should gain at least a little information on this mysterious messenger RNA (mRNA) which has been added to the supposed Covid-19 vaccine. This makes it insidiously dangerous. Transcription is the amazing process by which the information in a strand of DNA is copied into a strand of messenger RNA (mRNA), which leads to the manufacture of proteins and enzymes in your microscopic, stunningly complex, nano-cellular manufacturing plants.  DNA safely stores genetic material and coded information in its unique (and now famous) double-helix molecule as a template.  This microscopic, awe-inspiring biological coded DNA information system is more complex than anything ever developed by Silicon Valley.

Is the unique, mRNA-formulated ‘vaccine’ really dangerous?  It unquestionably seems to be, but we won’t really know just how dangerous for another 6 to 18 months or longer, when the full ravage of created flawed antibodies is manifested in those who have been vaccinated (which will be explained shortly).  There is some ominous data coming in already from parts of Scandinavia, Gibraltar, and certain Asian locations where many seniors were vaccinated early on.  But looking back at just the first full month of Covid-19 vaccinations, let us examine the ‘adverse event data base’ online, which indicates over 40,000 adverse events-some very serious-like death or paralysis.  This also includes over 3,100 cases of anaphylactic shock, and over 5,000 cases of neurological reactions (numbness, headaches, paresthesia, Bell’s palsy, persistent dizziness or vertigo, inability to feel your hands and feet, or the dreaded GuillainBarre syndrome). It is estimated by medical statisticians that less than 10% of adverse reactions are actually reported.  If you have had the vaccine, hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones.  Think soberly about this: there is no known example of a product on the market-in any industry-which within one (1) month, has caused 40,000 adverse events, and is still on the market.  The vaccine even killed one of my childhood heroes a few weeks ago-baseball great Hank Aaron. Do not be fooled by their ‘BS’ explanation; Aaron was killed by the Covid-19 vaccine.  He was in his mid-eighties, but healthy and doing great before the vaccine.  Amazingly, the so-called ‘vaccine’ is still enthusiastically endorsed and promoted throughout the media by paid actors and unwoke minor government bureaucrats.  The American people have been scared to death-by design.  People need to wake up-on so many fronts.  The overall death rate in America is the same as it has been for the last several years, with many deaths-as previously mentioned- unjustifiably attributed to the Corona virus (another ridiculous example just the other day was an unfortunate fellow who died falling off a ladder). Even the ‘test’ has now been proven faulty (with many false positives). Does it bother you that hospitals were getting paid (some still are) for attributing the death of their patients to the Corona virus, if the patient ‘tested’ positive for the virus even though that patient had not yet manifested any symptoms of the disease, like the falling off the ladder accident, or the dude who succumbed to serious injuries from a motorcycle wreck.  Why?!  Think . . . corruption, hidden agenda.

The head dude of the New York State Health Dept. admitted many months ago that at least two thirds of their nursing home patients that tragically died- supposedly of the Chinese Corona virus (how did Gov. Mario Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio ever get elected?)- in 2020 had at least three co-morbidities (like diabetes, heart disease, colitis, etc.), and that they would have very likely died anyway by the end of 2020.  Also, it may be worth noting that the ‘regular’ flu numbers are down.  That is mainly because your body and defense system cannot have-or tolerate-two very similar infections-particularly in the same organ system (in this case, the lungs)-at the same time.  Sharp homeopathic doctors are well aware of this.  It is highly likely that if the Chinese virus was not on the scene, the regular flu numbers would be greatly increased.  And stunningly to many, it was revealed (April 2021) that there is no new, specific, unique, particular and , identifiable ‘COVID-19’ virus; it is just a form of Influenza A or Influenza B!  It is now also proven that this SARS virus is not a naturally mutated (or ‘evolved’-for lack of a better term) virus.  The hyped declaration of this virus as a unique, new, or novel coronavirus is a big LIE!  There is no question now that this is a laboratory-engineered phenomenon, particularly in regard to the vaccine with its now infamous ‘spike protein’, in addition to the graphene oxide and mRNA components.  The general public has been deceived on many levels.  No one has ever produced an effective vaccine against a Coronavirus—it has NEVER been done—and it likely never will be done (it is thus far not possible).

Thus, the hype and push for the ‘vaccine passport’ with the lie that it is good for you is a travesty, along with the thinly veiled threat that you may be punished if you don’t cooperate.  FEAR and CONTROL were and are part of the plan, and it has unfortunately worked.  Millions of intimidated Americans have been living in unjustified fear, living sequestered lives, experiencing lack of social contact and mental exercise with increased suicide rates, closed schools and even churches, and doing all the things that they shouldn’t be doing for their health (including wearing masks).  CNN technical director Charlie Chester recently admitted that fear drives ratings up, and they purposely kept the Covid death numbers artificially high and constantly displayed.

I myself am a general dentist (37 years) with a background in nutrition and certificates in homeopathic medicine, with a special interest in organic phytonutrient therapy and the bad side effects of prescription drugs.  I am not a geneticist, or even biochemist per se, but have always had an on-going interest in those disciplines and have put together a very thick file over the years on autism data and vaccine concerns and dangers.  I do not know for sure what is going to happen with the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ long-term, or how many people will die from it, but I do know that this mRNA additive to the vaccine is strange and unusual.  The ‘vaccine’ has not been properly tested or certified, the early results/side effects are problematic, and the American people have NOT been told the whole truth.  It is NOT an experimental drug!!  Many meticulous experiments and trials have been done on laboratory animals like rodents and monkeys-and all of themALL of THEMhave died!  As a side note, because the Covid pseudo-vaccine is not certified, and a person gets seriously injured from it or dies, their insurance (in some cases) may not cover anything-particularly their life insurance.

In fact, it seems as if the vaccine is made to weaken-and perhaps even destroy-the human body through genetic reprogramming.  Let us hash out and explain this shocking statement, even though it is understood that most readers are not biochemists or geneticists.

As mentioned, the addition of this novel mRNA segment to the vaccine-ANY vaccine-has never been done before.  We do have some ‘RNA’ viruses (Measles, Polio, others) and corresponding vaccines, but an mRNA component has never been added to any of those vaccines before.  In those well-known RNA vaccines, you have the inactive virus itself-wholly intact-as part of the vaccine, so when your immune/defense system generates an antibody, it is against the outer coating-protein of that inactivated virus.  Toxins or foreign substances that generate an immune response and the production of protective antibodies are often foreign or strange proteins.

Dr. David Martin and other Docs are now reporting and explaining (notwithstanding corrupt mainstream and Big Tech medias that won’t report on this) that the Covid vaccine is not a vaccine at all but is a mRNA model-computer generatednot derived from any organic or living material (from the infecting organism).  The brilliant medical bulldog Dr. Martin succinctly explains: “It is a computer simulation of an RNA strand which was thought to be a means by which we could turn the human body into a pathogen-creator.” What he is mostly referring to here is the Coronavirus- associated ‘spike’ protein.  This is a first in vaccine history, and Dr. Martin continues: “It is gene therapy…to create a bioweapon…and for the first time in history, we’re relying on the human immune system to respond to a PATHOGEN CREATION that is first injected into your body.” After digging deep and examining the patent record, the laboratory record, and the funding record, he found that the ‘SARS Cov-2’ pathogen/vaccine now taking the world by surprise and storm was “clearly, irrefutably chimerically altered and chimerically developed in the laboratory so that it could be used both as a weapon and as a medical counter-measure in 2015.”  This was in large part done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, funded by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases-headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci). Are you stunned? Do you feel like you’ve been deceived?  This clearly violated the international convention on chemical and biological weapons by taking a foreign, uploaded model-of SARS Cov 2-and turning it into a recombinant, chimeric (more monster-like, more lethal) pathogen, which the deceptive researchers and Dr. Fauci said “was poised for human emergencies.” Think along the lines of not just ‘plandemic,’ but long, long-term premeditation.  This was published (but not publicly promoted) in 2016, not in 2019 or 2020, and developed from experimental and laboratory work in 2013 to 2015!

With the nefarious Covid-19 vaccine, a non-neutralizing antibody is created, which essentially means that instead of wrapping up (binding, or engulfing) that mRNA, and making it go away, this non-neutralizing antibody creates something called ’antibody dependent enhancement’ (or ADE).  This allows the little piece of mRNA to start replicating on its own, over and over . . . and over and over, and over and over again–creating little pieces of pseudoviral ‘spike protein’ inside the human body, for our immune system to supposedly develop antibodies against.  (This is what Bill Gates was ostensibly referring to when he mistakenly quipped “Yeah, you can immunize yourself this way”).   So, with the vaccine, you’ve demonstrated you’re an obedient citizen, are probably still regularly earing a useless mask, and now off you go, internally creating many antibodies for that computer-generated ‘spike’ protein.

But . . .  these unusual vaccine components interrupt your defense mechanism, and the antibody does not work right, as it binds with the ‘viral’ spike protein and then moves and eventually combines with its assisting macrophage, which is a cell that detects, engulfs, and neutralizes or destroys pathogens and bad guys.  But in this case-as we are surprisingly and sadly learning-the macrophage does not kill it, because as the virus gets taken inside (‘wrapped up’ by) the microphage, that dern mRNA I’ve been referring to is released (not destroyed). And that’s where and when it then goes back to your DNA and replicates over and over . . . and over and over again, as if the ‘ON’ button is stuck on, and there is no ‘OFF’ button.  This has been referred to as “the Trojan Horse mechanism.”  It allows that ‘viral’ component to get into your cells, where it again starts to replicate, and even gets inserted into other parts of your DNA.

It gets worse.  Also, that antibody-the non-neutralizing antibody-can actually hook or attach to the ‘viral’ spike protein and go into and attach to your lung tissue, causing what many sharp Docs are describing as “diffuse alveolar damage.” The 480 million or so alveoli are the all-important tiny air sac spaces where critical oxygen exchange takes place. This is not good . . . not good at all; these are your breathing cells. Life is based on oxygen (the air you breathe is about 21% oxygen; most of the rest is unused nitrogen).

Additionally, that ‘viral’ spike protein/antibody complex can attach to certain microphages, which are some of your body’s important defense cells. The Pac Man-like Type 1 macrophages are specialized white blood cells that ‘gobble up’ the foreign antigens and micro-enemies, set off alarms, blow whistles, are aggressive, stimulate cytokine signaling, and are inflammatory (which you want), and hit the scene first and with forceType 2 macrophages are not inflammatory or aggressive and come in secondarily, so to speak, as you start to recover, and calm things down and clean up the residue, or mess, after the valuable Type 1 aggressors have done their job.  The two types work in concert:

Type 1 fights . . .

Type 2 cleans up and heals . . .

But . . . when vaccinated you now have this foreign, ‘viral’ spike protein-coding mRNA-created antibody (which sort of sticks to, or semi-engulfs the spike protein), and it kills the Type 2 macrophages.  Summary: The insidious mRNA additive to the vaccine essentially reprograms your DNA and produces the ‘spike’ protein (a lot of it), which is what stimulates (causes) antibody formation. The antibody attaches to the spike protein (the ‘antigen,’ you could say, in this case), and when it is subsequently wrapped up or engulfed by the Type 2 macrophage, it kills the valuable Type 2 macrophage defense cell.  It is like a self-creating auto-immune disease (similar to AIDS). Indeed, it is quite scary. It is genetic modification technology. Lab animals sacrificed in these recent studies and then analyzed were filled up with the apparently unharmed Type 1 macrophages, but WITH NO Type 2 macrophages to be found–they had been destroyed. It seems possible-perhaps probable- that this is likely going to catch up with you, lead to illness, and then possibly death.  It is estimated by some sharp, non-indoctrinated physicians (check out Drs. Sherri Tenpenny, Lee Merritt, David Martin, Lorraine Day, Judy Mikovits, Peter McCullough, Zev Zelenko, and Big Pharma/Big Medicine whistleblowers Karen Kingston and Deborah Conrad online) that it may take 4 to 14 months (or longer) for this horrific, surreptitious autoimmune disease to progress to the point of death. We do not know for sure yet, but as earlier mentioned there are rising death rates in Gibraltar, Scandinavia, Israel and elsewhere-particularly among seniors who got the vaccine early on-that are cause for concern.

Again, this concoction does not qualify-and is not certified– as a real vaccine . . . and do not be intimidated.  Self-educate.  It is really not ‘rocket science’.  Safe, cheap, effective hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin are certified as oral vaccines.  And consider that any ‘vaccine’ that needs to be shipped and stored at -90 (yes: minus ninety!) degrees F is not a vaccine!  It is a transfection agent, manufactured and kept alive (think mRNA) so it can infect your cells and transfer genetic material.  Do not be misled.  This is genetic manipulation of humans on a massive scale, and a fast-growing number of researchers and doctors believe it should be shut down.  Early on even the former head of Pfizer research at least admitted, “the Covid vaccine is female sterilization.”  Some define it as a ‘medical device’ designed to stimulate certain human cells to become pathogen creators.

How about the supposed Covid-19 ‘test’?  Why are some cities using only those long, irritating Q-tip-like swabs way back through your nostrils?  Have you ever had that done before for anything else?  (No!)  Well, nasal delivery is somewhat attractive for immunization because you have high permeability, low enzymatic activity, and easy access.  But you do NOT have to go way, way back there through the nostril and into the sinus chamber.  Just inserting a normal-length cotton swab 1-1.5 inches suffices, and there are other easy ways to test (saliva or anal swabs).  Some savvy, hard-to-fool physicians analyzed these long irritating cotton swabs used for the Covid-19 ‘tests’ and surprisingly found eerie, silver-containing ‘morgellon’ fibers present, which strangely move and act like they’re alive, and are poorly understood.  Additionally, and even more surprisingly (stunningly would be a more accurate term) following a type of PIXscan, were found tiny ‘nano particles’ (or ‘smartdust’) in the swab tips, and the puzzling presence of element 43, or ‘technetium’.  Nearly all technetium is produced synthetically . . . what in the world is it doing in the cotton swab tip?! This element is a radioactive metal with bio-infiltrator properties and has been experimented with and used relative to DNA manipulation and associated with mind-control properties.  It binds chemically to many biologically active molecules, making it suitable for many radioisotope reactions.  This technetium was amazingly determined to be in a holographic optical chip.

Am I making you more worried?  You should be.  Interestingly (and significantly) Bill Gates and company have experimented and developed implantable hydrogel biosensors (nanochips), that are ‘sticky’, and maximize the residence time (increased contact time) and enhance drug absorption.  So, what is going on, and why?!  It’s all about tracking, tied into the GPS system. The ‘test’ with the long swab stick can actually ‘vaccinate’ you; way back there where that long, irritating swab tip is inserted and twirled around is just underneath the base of your skull, where the sieve-like cribriform plate is located, and the swab material and holographic chip can infiltrate into the cranial (brain) chamber through this small porous area.  Are you stunned?  Does it sound like science fiction?  It is NOT.  Even going back to 2012 and 2015 patents were filed for routing methods, systems, and policies for ‘biological hosts,’ to provide interfaces between intrahost networks and interhost networks within biological hosts. Research indicates that these nanoparticles may cause release of cellular messengers that may cause damage to the DNA of developing human brain cells.  The following is a commentary from an abstract related to one of the patent applications (I think it is No. 20130142363, “Devices and Methods for Transferring Data through a Human Body”):

“Neurological translations are performed to rout communications to and from biological hosts.  Bioregional translations may also be performed to route communications to and from the biological hosts.”

How about the 2020 patent associated with Bill Gates, #W02020060606S, ‘Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data’?!  Is this not amazing and even Orwellian?  Are we possibly quickly headed for a reality where if you want to get paid in the future ‘cashless’ society your potential slave-like crypto-wages, you may have to do whatever task you’re told to do, and in a stipulated length of time, while the tiny, implanted device monitors your activity and spies on your body, assessing your obedience and production? Perhaps we’ll get a ‘social rating’ like they do now in communist China.  But don’t fret about this newly proposed and promoted life-changing paradigm by the elites (they’re smarter than those of us in ‘flyover country,’ don’t you know?!).  As aging, liberal German atheist, Bill Gates buddy, and one-world government promoter Klaus Schwab–of the questionable World Economic Forum–recently said relative to this and his idealized future (or New World Order): “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy about it.” (PS-Some feel there may be significance to the ‘060606’in the Gates patent, the ‘luciferase’ in the pseudo-vaccine, and Revelation13:18…interesting, to say the least).

Significantly, eugenics fan Bill Gates stepped down from Microsoft several years back, and then launched the ‘ID 2020 Project’, with one of their main goals being “to provide legal identity for all, including birth registration, by 2030” (through embedded microchip tracking devices). Recently (end of Jan 2021) the German Parliament announced it was all in with the Gates 2020 Project (the Swiss are voting on it soon).  So, this comprehensive electronic data collection program includes close to 200 points of information like health records, shopping habits, bank accounts, and political leanings.  It will identify and profile every German citizen and grant access to every government agency, law enforcement and police department, and even much of the private sector.  The program plans to insert/inject a microchip (probably more than just one) that can be monitored remotely using the 5G and later 6G technologies. This apparently means governments-or whoever is in control-will have digital access to ALL who are nano-chipped (kind of like the cattle in my nearby pasture with those ear-tags), with no real privacy to speak of.  We are talking about a profound biological, identification and tracking micro-chipping system.

So, back to the Covid-19 test.  It seems the ‘test’ (at least with the long irritating nasal swab) may actually ‘vaccinate’ you, too . . . and, if successful, you’re now hooked up to ‘the Cloud.’ Dr. Lee Merritt describes the Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ as the perfect binary (dual purpose) weapon.  I personally don’t even like to think about any more intrusive government sponsored “AI”-artificial intelligence-with their potentially far-ranging digital surveillance access.  Of course, if or when this ‘surveillance capitalism’ grows and expands (let’s hope it doesn’t; Donald Trump and most conservatives are against it), a lot of new and powerful electromagnetic equipment will be required to monitor everything-and fast.  Thus, the sudden, wearisome massive push and wide-spread advertisements for the wireless 5-G interfaces (with little concern for the undeniably dangerous excessive residual radiation exposure). That is why we’re being conditioned and bombarded with inexhaustible 5-G rhetoric, TV commercials and glorious promotion.  Incidentally, Mr. Gates also funds an invisible quantum tattoo hidden in the vaccine for storing vaccination history.  As will be revealed this year  (mid- August thru Dec, 2021) regarding the historic American 2020 election fraud, the stunning and heinous international child trafficking/pedophilia/adrenochrome network, and the entire Chinese virus and ‘vaccine’ issue, you are being lied to and deceived at nearly every turn.  Remember that quite often the truth is stranger than fiction.  (Far more importantly, and germane to these issues, consider Ephesians, Chapter 6:10-18).

Could this have been done on purpose, by comprehensive cooperation, premeditation, meticulous planning, patience, and design?  Of course-that is the only logical explanation-and the newly exposed information confirms this.  Here is the ultimate plan by the wealthy, secular, socialist, elitist one-world government bad guys (the ‘black hats’) for their grandiose agenda, now un-camouflaged (at least to those not completely MK Ultra’d):


  1. genocide
  2. depopulation
  3. a new level of control, which includes a biological or physical ‘marker’
  4. going away from paper money
  5. inhibiting or stopping church attendance (this happened first in the Covid-19 lockdown)
  6. increased abortion and euthanasia (related to #1)
  7. keeping prayer and the Bible out of schools (with support of the ACLU, Hollywood, secular political and academic elites, the media, and ‘The Handbook’ by Harvard University) and the public arena, and eventually everywhere
  8. continued promotion of the idea, “just get the vaccine; we’ll get back to normal!”  and “shut up, wear your mask, just be obedient.” (Mask wearing is a joke; it’s like putting up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitos.  They don’t work against ultra-tiny viruses, and extended use can be harmful to health).
  9. free speech suppression
  10. stronger secular, evolution-based education
  11. elimination of historic and biblical sexual mores and statutes
  12. removal of the ancient landmarks (monuments, statues, memorials, God’s commandments and precepts, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution) . . . see Proverbs 22:28


*Insidious Note: Where did the term ‘COVID’ come from?  It originated from a suspicious thinktank/institute in Surrey, England (just southwest of London) in 2015, was patented, and it is an acronym that stands for ‘Certification’ . . .  ‘of’ . . .  ‘Vaccination’ . . . ‘I-‘ . . . ‘-Dentification’ . . . C O V I D. (Oh, and incidentally, ‘Covid’ is the middle name of one of the super-wealthy Rothschilds).  Amazing . . . and there are still some Americans with a functioning cerebrum that don’t think this was a ‘plandemic.’


It is time for reflection and ACTION by the citizens, the Patriots, the good guys, the ‘white hats,’ the Christians, the sensible, and those with some steel in their backbone.  Self-focus, ‘selfie’ culture, dark or frivolous Internet or Facebook life, the over-the-hill softball league, hours on the golf course, and non-substantive hobbies and activities need to be moved to the back of the shelf or eliminated.  Our country is at a tipping point, a crossroads-a cyberwarfare and digital WWIII.  Many people need to WAKE UP!  GET INVOLVED in your area, in your sphere of influence.  Run for the School Board, or city council.  Stand for common sense and RIGHT.  We are beyond the time for just complaining and hand holding, college ‘safe places,’ non-involvement, snowflakes, soy-boys, worrying about political correctness or offending someone with our speech, and just pussyfooting around.  The historic American election fraud issue-which is about to be exposed and resolved (Aug-Jan, 2021) by the ‘white hats’- and the unbelievable, heinous, about-to-be-revealed satanic international pedophilia/adrenochrome scandal and network may be as bad as the Chinese virus/vaccine manipulation and misinformation.  Do not be intimidated, get focused, make a difference, do your own research, stay informed, do not join the sheeple, be a Truth detector, and love God with all your MIND (as well as your heart and soul) . . . and don’t let America be destroyed from within.  III John 4

-Pray for justice in America-


PS- ‘Acid sopper’ drugs (proton pump inhibitors, or PPIs) like Nexium, Prilosec, Protonic, etc., are among the most widely used and abused prescription drugs and are definitely near the top of my “most disliked, with bad side effects” list of Big Pharma concoctions.  In the last 6 months research is coming out from experts at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in LA and other sources showing that people who use these may be more likely to get COVID-19, flu, and other infections. These drugs not only prevent the absorption of certain critical vitamins and minerals in your stomach but compromise your immune system and increase the risk of gut/intestinal infections. Your gut and microbiome are critical components of your immune system as well as for maintaining acute mental function and brain health (the amazing ‘gut-brain’ connection). Those misled individuals who took such a PPI drug twice per day were almost 4x as likely to test positive for COVID-19.  If one is a senior, comorbidities are present, and/or are a smoker or already have lung problems while taking an acid-sopper drug, you may be in serious trouble if infected with COVID-19 (or any flu), despite the fact (notwithstanding silent media mention) that the general population has a 99.9+% recovery rate. Good acid levels in your stomach are intrinsically involved in maintaining a healthy immune system as well as proper digestion. Stay away from carbonated beverages, processed food, fast food, and refined sugar. Walk and get outside, do not avoid sunshine, drink pure water and get off those terrible drugs!


PS-* I often indicated viral as ‘viral’ in this commentary, because it is vitally important you understand that this insidious, so-called viral spike protein in the pseudo-vaccine is NOT organic material FROM THE CORONAVIRUS; it is computer-generated in the laboratory, and is a sinister genetic reprogramming device, a bioweapon.  There is no new, unique, novel Coronavirus.  What we have is a weaponized version of a computer simulation, of a fragment . . . that is in fact modeled to be the ‘spike protein’. . . analogous to what we’ve been told is the spike protein associated with the SARS Cov 2 virus.  The PROBLEM: Our immune system doesn’t respond to it (the computer-generated fragment) properly.

PS-My earlier mention of ‘MK Ultra’d’ refers to our beyond-corrupt CIA’s comprehensive, very successful Mind and Media Control program (known as MK Ultra). It is also suggested that all patriots investigate ‘Operation Mockingbird’, by which we’ve all been victimized.                             I Peter 3:15…”be ready always…”

I hope this helps.  More to come in Oct 2021 on my blog at                               All the Best, Dr. Rob Johnson

Written by : Dr. Robin Johnson

Dr. Robin Johnson’s love of geography, the natural world and the outdoors as well as enthusiasm for learning about history and science—particularly paleontology— has led him to research these interrelated topics and share his findings with others. Read my complete bio.