American society is full of conflicts and volatile issues today that were virtually non-existent not too many years ago.

How To Save American Exceptionalism

American society is full of conflicts and volatile issues today that were virtually non-existent not too many years ago. These have undeniably led to an ever-deepening cultural chasm across America engulfed by a palpable national angst. Many hard-working citizens who still value fairness, family, and faith—the people who make this country hum—are wondering, “What is happening to our country?” or, “How did we get in the mess we’re in?!” This handbook is for these people. It is not for the low-information voter nor the PhD behind the safe, ivy-covered walls of higher academia.

Dr. Johnson explains, documents, and reveals the answer—backtracking even to the 19th century—and then offers remedies and actions. Issues touched on from this baffling culture war include gender dysphoria and interchangeability, supposed toxic masculinity and real manhood, the attack on our nation’s monuments and statues and now even on our very Founding. Also covered is bias, censorship, deception, and manipulation in the mainstream media, Big Tech and Silicon Valley, and particularly higher academia. Revisionist American history and dishonest pseudoscience are exposed and emphasized, including the still-suppressed horrendous effects of Social (or applied) Darwinism. Important evidence gleaned from modern genetics and paleontology—particularly pertinent to the origins debate—as well as relevant truth from psychiatry and astronomy are discussed. Judges making law, divisive identity politics, stifling political correctness, and America’s tragic mass shootings are more manifestations of our cultural discombobulation. They are serious symptoms of America’s ungrounded adopted foundational assumption of the recent century. The connection—or interrelatedness—of all these issues will become apparent, as will the validity of the claim that Culture is Religion Externalized.

To save American exceptionalism action is required. But the good people now need not only some truth; they need assistance. They need The 21st Century Handbook.

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Written by : Dr. Robin Johnson

Dr. Robin Johnson’s love of geography, the natural world and the outdoors as well as enthusiasm for learning about history and science—particularly paleontology— has led him to research these interrelated topics and share his findings with others. Read my complete bio.